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«The American Dream reloaded.»

«We need an ethical revolution,

not a minor movement.»

She, the President.


«A positive view toward the future that gives us the courage to act.»

Jan Jirát, journalist


«It is a bit like trying a new dish in a restaurant.  The ingredients are familiar, but they are put together in a different and unusual way, which makes them refreshing as well as nourishing.»

Graeme Maxton, Climate Change Activist, Economist, Writer,

previously Secretary Genereal of the Club of Rome


«A furious ride through uncomfortable truths. Contemporary, crucial, and stirring.»

Constanze Broelemann, journalist and theologian


«Just what we need to examine what’s going on in the world today – definitely worth reading!»

Maimuna, an 18-year-old artist


What if? In his political utopia “She, the President.” Rey Rodriguez outlines the extraordinary career of Polly, a person of color who just turned 40 and is elected president of the USA. The improbable happens: based on sweeping public support, an all-encompassing political turnaround is initiated.
Rodriguez’s thought experiment exposes the intricate global entanglement of financial policy, politics, the arms industry, and industrial agriculture. The author invokes the dawn of a new age of meaningfulness and juxtaposes the excesses of dog-eat-dog-capitalism with a green revolution that shifts education, sustainability, and humanity into the center of existence.

ISBN (Extended English Edition):     
978-3-952-54290-3 (Paperback)
978-3-952-54291-0 (e-Book)

Rey Rodriguez.


Architect and musician, born in Bielefeld/Germany in 1978. He lives in Zurich/Switzerland with his family after stopovers in Stuttgart, Las Palmas, Cologne and Amsterdam.

In his main occupation as an architect, he grapples with the architectonic and urban development challenges of our times. With equal passion, he dedicates himself to playing music with friends in his rock band in their rehearsal space, in the studio, and on stage. How he manages all of this as a part-time father who also cooks, he doesn’t know either. It is clear, though, is that he is someone who pursues the matters he loves with great gusto.

Politics has always fascinated him, and his observations of the alarming geopolitical developments in recent years have unsettled him. A vague idea for a story escalated into two years of steady research and writing.

Fortunately, he persevered with this mammoth project, and his first work, a positive utopia titled “She, the President”, is here to motivate us!



All photographys by Rey Rodriguez between 1998 and 2013.
'On And On' by Gran Noir, 2019.


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